160 east 22nd street. new york

CLIENT: Toll Brothers City Living. SCOPE OF WORK: Architecture, Interior Design. SIZE: 116 000 SF. LOCATION: 160 East 22nd Street. New York, NY. STATUS: BUILT 2014. PROGRAM: Residential, Retail.

AWARDS: World Architects. American Building of the Year 2017. Finalist

Located in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan, 160 East 22nd Street is a 21-story, 84-unit condominium apartment building. In addition to luxury residences, the building includes ground foor retail space.The design is based on a modern interpretation of the elegant and timeless classic pre-war apartment buildings in the neighborhood. The limestone clad building’s massing is sculpted to incorporate a 24’ cantilever, and punctuated with alternating deep set fenestration pattern. The building’s dramatic signature cantilever was conceived to successfully incorporate additional development rights purchased by the property; while the required setbacks were incorporated into the composition, allowing the top level apartment units to enjoy access to terraces.

As with the exterior design, the interior is comprised of classical proportions and contemporary character. A well balanced variation of noble materials and details throughout the building creates a sleek style with a touch of luxury vintage, all executed by local craftsmen. Millwork details in the lobby and apartment units accentuate a sophisticated traditional touch, while the muted natural elements and white spaces stage the perfect backdrop for the owners’ eclectic styles.

Overall, 160 East 22nd Street’s design aims to blend classic contemporary lines with historic contextual influences, resolving complex vernacular New York City regulations, while meeting the fine aesthetic and pragmatic needs of its end users.


MARCH 31, 2017

"The unusual massing of this 21-storey residential building by US firm S9 Architecture responds to development rights that were purchased for airspace next to the New York tower. The condominium tower, called 160 East 22nd Street, is located in Manhattan's Gramercy Park district. Encompassing 116,000 square feet (10,776 square metres), the building contains 84 luxury apartments and ground-floor retail space. By incorporating the setbacks in the top levels of the tower, S9 was able to create terraces for residents." -- Jenna McKnight



"Normative urban instruments – such as setbacks, heights, etc. – define the maximum volume to be built on urban plots so as to ensure common good. With the chance of selling air rights, however, the incentive to trade the idle shares of a building’s volume becomes a way of subverting the law without affecting public space. This example shows how the combination of regulatory instruments and the compromise between private parties can completely define the form
of a building.


JUNE 17, 2013

"Two outdoor rooftop spaces are private to the penthouses, but there's also an outdoor space for everyone. Views, which include the Madison Square Park clock tower and Gramercy Park from various points within the building, start around the eighth floor. For those who don't have Gramercy Park views, well, the building's playroom is designed to look like the park." -- Sara Polsky