Our design narratives include projects of all sizes, programs and complexities:

  • Transforming an underutilized parking field around a stadium into a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood with shops, apartments and offices by knitting the surrounding parkland into the urban fabric in Ottawa.

  • Bringing new life to abandoned historic landmarks by threading what we called "innovation alley" through several buildings, making them porous and bringing people in to work, shop, entertain or simply relax and contemplate on the Brooklyn waterfront.

  • Designing a new residential loft building in a landmark designated area where distinctions between new and old are blurred as we juxtapose new with old materials and forms.

Each project is unique to its context and it's environment.  We collaborate with our clients to understand their vision and goals, and utilize our design approach to achieve this through buildings and places that strengthen and improve the urban and human experience.


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